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Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services


Why are many companies switching to cloud hosted technologies? The simplest answer is that it saves time and money.


Whether you’re looking for computing power, database storage, content delivery or other functionality, AWS has the services to help you build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Premier Data Systems and Amazon Web services work hand in hand to deliver results and meet your IT needs. Whether you are a SMB or a large enterprise wanting to provide the best experience for your customers, our services can help you focus on your corporate mission and achieve your goals.

By migrating to the Amazon Web Services technology, your organization will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Cost-Efficiency - Consume computing, storage, and hardware resources in an optimal way.
    Amazon Web Services does not require you to purchase hardware for its solutions. That means you get the benefits upfront without than having to undergo time-consuming IT overhauls and upgrades.
  • Flexibility - AWS supports the most popular systems for databases, operating systems and programming languages. Your organization does not need to learn new programming languages to leverage the benefits of AWS.
  • Security - AWS provides its services in accordance with the highest standards of security and conforms with the best practices in the industry. AWS conducts regular security audits to secure its network infrastructure.
  • Disaster Recovery - Backups are performed regularly, and AWS servers have up-time reliability of 99.95%.

Amazon Web Services can become a crucial part of your company's business process. Let Premier Data Systems help you get there.

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