4 Ways AI-powered VoIP can benefit your business

4 Ways AI-powered VoIP can benefit your business

In business, time is money. For instance, the faster you can communicate with colleagues and customers, the more productive you can be. That's why so many companies are turning to AI-powered Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for their telecommunications needs. This technology offers a number of benefits and features over traditional phone systems. Keep reading to learn more.

AI-powered call recording analysis

AI tools can help improve your business’s customer experience in many ways. For one, it can parse through call recordings to identify issues such as poor customer service. They can also identify trends (e.g., increasing customer satisfaction) and the challenges your agents encounter in providing customer support, such as when guiding clients through a process.

Interactive voice response (IVR) systems with conversational AI

An IVR system is designed to automatically respond to customer queries through AI agents. These agents allow businesses to take on more customer calls, eliminating the need to hire more human agents. Among AI assistants’ most powerful features are the following:

  • Text and speech recognition – the ability to understand and respond to written and spoken messages
  • Intent recognition – the ability to discern what the person communicating with the AI tool wants based on what that person is saying
  • Contextual guidance – the ability to “remember” what was stated earlier so that the AI tool can understand references to those past statements
  • Multilingualism – the ability to communicate in many different languages

While in a call, AI assistants can concurrently gather and assess all relevant customer data such as personal information and recent transactions to resolve a query. In this aspect, they are more efficient than human agents who may have to put a caller on hold to access the caller’s records.

And over time, because of machine learning and natural language processing, AI-powered IVR systems will only get better at communicating with customers. However, for more nuanced queries, AI agents will transfer calls to human business representatives.

Chatbot functions

Chatbots are useful programs that receive instructions via textual or auditory means to perform automated tasks.

Businesses use chatbots to automate customer interactions. However, AI-powered chatbots go beyond regular bot duties by performing more complex tasks like setting up meetings, inviting attendees, managing schedules, and much more.

AI-enabled web conferencing

Developments in telecom technology and faster internet speeds have tremendously improved web conferencing. AI advances this even further with real-time language translation and speech recognition technology, which greatly benefit businesses with offices in multiple geographic locations and stakeholders who speak different languages.

AI-enabled web conferencing can even provide intelligent prompts and relevant data to guide your conversations and ensure a fruitful meeting.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, businesses that embrace AI-powered VoIP will be well-positioned for success. Contact our experts to learn more about the advantages of VoIP for your business.

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